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Class Action

Able Home Health, LLC et al, v MSC Group Inc a/k/a MSC Care Management, Inc, d/b/a One Call Care Management, Total Medical Solutions et al TCPA
Abrusley et. al. v Layette Cellular Corporation Consumer
Alderman v GC Services Limited Partnership TCPA
Allen v Ralphs Grocery Company Consumer
Allerton v Sprint/Nextel Corporation Labor & Employment
Allison v Waste Management, Inc. of Florida Other
Anderson v The Big “E” Inc. Consumer
Andrew Clark et. al. v JP Morgan Chase Bank Labor & Employment
Andrew Kim et al V Nevada Diner, Inc. d/b/a Fabulous Nevada Diner, Diskal, Inc. d/b/a Georgia Diner et al Labor & Employment
Annette Rush v Viiage Auto Insurance Insurance & Healthcare
Arbuckle Mountain Ranch of Texas v Chesapeake Energy Corporation Other
Askew v Bob Sight Ford Inc. Consumer
Atlas v Vanliner Insurance Company Insurance & Healthcare
Avondale Mills Insurance Company Shareholder Distribution Securities
Azogue v 16 for 8 Hospitality LLC Labor & Employment
Baghdassarian v Lorna Jane TCPA/ Song-Beverly (CA)
Bain v O & O Enterprises, Inc Consumer
Baron v QAS Consumer
Barrett v Selene Finance LP FCRA
Bautista v JNK Bakery Corp Labor & Employment
Baverde v Lunella Ristorante Labor & Employment
Becker et. al. v Metro Ford Inc. Consumer
Bennett v Boyd Biloxi TCPA
Benitez v Interstate Indemnity Company Insurance & Healthcare
Borman v First Fidelity Bank Consumer/Finance
Branden Engle et al, v American Ambulette & Ambulance Service et. al WARN ACT
Braun v Wal-Mart Labor & Employment
Brink V Raymond James and Associates/Wistar V Raymond James Financial Serices et al Breach of Contract
Brown et al., v Sterling Infosystems, Inc FCRA
Brown v Lowe’s Companies, Inc. FCRA
Brown v Nexus Business Solutions LLC Labor & Employment
Budd Engineering v Builders Information Group Consumer
Building Group, LLC v Association of the Wall and Ceiling TCPA
Burke v Federal National Mortgage Association FCRA
Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Assocation Distribution – Ohio Government
Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association Distribution – Kentucky Government
Bynes V Central Florida Auto Wholesale Consumer
Calligandes v Alpha Diner Labor & Employment
Carla Shelton V Bank One Insurance & Healthcare
Carnegie v First Fleet, Inc. of Tennessee Consumer
Carter v Genserve Labor & Employment
Carter v McDonalds Restaurants FCRA
Cathy Parker and Rick Hayden et al, v Sealed Air Corporation Labor & Employment
Cathey v Heartland Dental LLC FCRA
Cazares v Ava Restaurant Corp Labor & Employment
Central Loan v Shearill Consumer
Chisolm v TransUnion Financial Corporation Consumer/Finance
Clara Daye v Bo Tan LLC Consumer
Clark et. al. v 3M Company Labor & Employment
Communitywide Federal Credit Union v Schwahn Consumer
Congleton et. al. v Kentucky Burley Tobacco Consumer
Connectivity v National City Bank Consumer/Finance
Cook, Bermudez, et al. v. Palmer, Reifler & Associates, and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Settlement TCPA
Cordova v SCCF, Inc d/b/a Sophies Cuban Cuisine Labor & Employment
Corona v Damgaard Landscape Management Labor & Employment
Cotman v The Kane Company WARN Act
Daniels v Jack D Cook, Inc Consumer
Darden v Associates Leasing Insurance & Healthcare
Davis v Associates Consumer Discount Company Consumer/Finance
Daye v. Community Financial Service Centers (Speedy Loan), Consumer
Dean v City of Monticello, MN Other
Dejolie v T&R Market Inc Consumer
Diaz v State of Montana Other
DOD Technologies Inc. v Mesirow Insurance Sercvice Inc. et. al. Insurance & Healthcare
Dorman v Winn Dixie Corporation Labor & Employment
Dukes v. Air Canada FCRA
Edlin v Fudruckers Corporation Labor & Employment
Elite Irrigation LLC v Friendly Ford Inc. Consumer
Elliott v Gary Crossley Ford Consumer
Ellison et. al. v SouthStar Energy Services LLC Consumer
Engle v American Ambulette & Ambulance Service WARN Act
Epps v Orange Lake Country Club FCRA
Espinal v Burger King Corporation Consumer
Evans v Johnson Controls Inc. Labor & Employment
Farley Pennslvania State Emploees Credit Union Other
Figueroa v Baycare Health System FCRA
FirstUnion Mortgage and Centerbank Mortgage Company Class Action Consumer/Finance
Fischer v Bank One Consumer/Finance
Franke-Brown/Serrone v Lee’s Summitt MO LLC Consumer
French v. First Transit, Inc. et al Settlement Labor & Employment
Fuller v Avis Budget Car Rental FCRA
Gallagher v CitiFinancial Corporation Consumer/Finance
Garcia v JC Penny Corporation Labor & Employment
Gemma v Boyd Gaming Corporation Labor & Employment
George v Primary Care Holdings, Inc. FCRA
Gillard v Fleetmatics USA, LLC Labor & Employment
Goldbaum v Integrated Asset Services, LLC Labor & Employment
Gonzalez v Omni Indemnity Company Consumer
Grays Harbour Adventist Christian School v Carrier Corporation Consumer
Gregory v TransSouth Financial Corporation Consumer/Finance
Grice v Pepsi Beverages Company FCRA
Griner V St. Joes Paper Company Consumer
Guadalupe v American Campus Communities Services, Inc Labor & Employment
Guilianello v Fredco Landscaping LLC Labor & Employment
Guippone v BH S&B Holdings LLC WARN Act
Gullett v TransSouth Financial Corporation Consumer/Finance
Guytierrez v State Line Nisson Inc. Consumer
Hampton v Navigation Capital Partners, Inc WARN Act
Hargrett v Amazon FCRA
Harris v General Motors Financial Co. Inc Consumer
Harry Goforth et. al. v the Premcor Refining Group and Equilon Enterprises LLC Consumer
Hawkins v S2Verify LLC FCRA
Heath et al v Trans Union Settlement FCRA
Heidbreder Building Group, LLC v. Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry TCPA
Helie v Old Palm Holdings L.P. Other
Henderson v Acxiom Risk Mitigation et al FCRA
Hennessy v MAALP Other
HIcks v. Lockheed Martin Corporation COBRA
Higgins v Riable Law Firm, Inc. FDCPA
Hipps Road Toxic Settlement Government
Hogan Marren Ltd v Hub International Ltd et. al. Consumer
Holliday v JS Express Incorporated Labor & Employment
Home Depot Employment Cases Labor & Employment
Honsinger v Catholic University of Oklahoma WARN Act
Hooters Fax Class Action Settlement Consumer
Hossfeld v Compass Bank TCPA
Huerta v New Rochelle Hotel Associates LLC. Labor & Employment
Huffman v The Prudential Insurance Company of America Other
Humphrey v. Stored Valu Cards Inc (d/b/a Numi Financial), et al Settlement Other
Huntsucker v Landmark Dodge Consumer
Inscho v Johnson Consumer
Insurance Brokerage AntiTrust Litigation MDL #1663 (St. Paul Travellers) Antitrust
In Re: World Marking Chicago, LLC, WARN Act
Jackson v Molle Automotive Consumer
James River Coal Company Distribution Consumer
Janneh v Asset Campus Housing Inc Labor & Employment
Jean-Baptiste v A.D.M.E. Investment Partners, LTD WARN Act
Jeffrey A Musselman and Steven M Waddell v Teachers Credit Union Other
Johnnie Benefield v ESSA Bankcorp, Inc., d/b/a ESSA Bank & Trust Consumer
Johnson v Ford Consumer Financial Company Consumer/Finance
Johnson v Platinum Corral Labor & Employment
Jones v Fleetcor Labor & Employment
Jones v Singing River Health Services Foundation Consumer
Joseph Ponder v AT&T Labor & Employment
JP Morgan Chase Bank Home Equity Line of Credit Litigation Consumer/Finance
Kaitlin O’Rourke et al. v Limited Stores WARN Act
Karnan v Safeco Insurance Company Insurance & Healthcare
Kassabain v Ferragano USA Inc TCPA/Song-Beverly (CA)
Keith v Joyce Steel Erection, LTD Labor & Employment
Keller v CitiFinancial Corporation Consumer/Finance
Kelly v Brooklyn Events Center FCRA
Kelly v Business Information Group FCRA
Kelly v Orion Marine Construction, Inc. FCRA
Keys v The Moneystore Consumer/Finance
KIVO v Vengroff Williams, Inc. FDCPA
Klausner v First Union Direct Consumer/Finance
Koch v First Union Mortgage Equity Consumer/Finance
Kroger v National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Insurance & Healthcare
L. Craig Kendrick et. al. v Standard Fire Insurance Corporation (Stewart Title Guaranty Co.) Insurance & Healthcare
Lannan v Levy & White FDCPA
LAZ Parking Assitant Manager Overtime Lawsuit FLSA
Leber v The Berkeley Group Inc. Labor & Employment
Lee’s Summitt Auto Settlement Consumer
Lee’s Summitt Honda Settlement Consumer
Legrand v Intellicorp Records, Inc. FCRA
Lengel v HomeAdvisor FCRA
Leo v Appfolio, Inc. FCRA
Lizeth Lytle v Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc. Labor & Employment
Lyons Leasing v US Bank Consumer/Finance
Magana v Winters Landscape, Inc Labor & Employment
Majeski et. al. v Balcor Entertainment Securities
Marcum v Dolgen dba Dollar General Corp FCRA
Martinez v McAdam Landscaping, Inc Labor & Employment
Mary Starzynski v Friedman and Wexler LLC and OSI Collection Services Consumer
McCalvin v Condor Securitization Trust Consumer
McCoy v HealthNet Inc. Distribution Consumer
Mclain v Highway Technologies Inc WARN Act
Medlock v National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Insurance & Healthcare
Medtronics Inlantable Defibrillators Products Liability Litigation Distribution MDL#05-1726 Antitrust
Mendoza v Value City Furniture, Inc Consumer
Meredith v United Collection Bureau, Inc TCPA
Milbourne v JRK Residential America LLC FCRA
Miles v Richmond Development & Housing Authority Consumer
Miller v Constellation Enterprises LLC WARN Act
Miller v Columbus Steel Castings Company et al WARN Act
Miller v Florida Auto Exchange Company Consumer
Moody v Dick Smith Ford Consumer
Moody v Verified Credentials, Inc. FCRA
Moore v Agrico Chemical Company Consumer
Morales v Pacific Telesis Consumer
Morales v The Parish of Jeferson Consumer
Morgan v McCabe Surety Trustees LLC FDCPA
Morgan v McCabe Weisberg & Conway LLC FDCPA
Morris v Sears, Roebuck and Co Labor & Employment
Mortensen v Law Office of Sean P. Hillin P.C. FDCPA
Motorola Securities Litigation Securities
Motts v Ted Jones Ford Inc. Consumer
Murcia v Hampton Bays Car Wash, LTD Labor & Employment
Navarro v Campus Apartments, Inc. Other
Neil Uphaus v US Bank Card Services Consumer/Finance
Newby et. a. v Enron Corporation et. al. Distribution Consumer
New England Joint Board Unite Here v Partiarch Partners WARN Act
Nichols v Progressive Direct Insurance Company Insurance & Healthcare
Non-Filing Insurance Litigation (NFI) Insurance & Healthcare
Northern Beef WARN WARN Act
Noye v Yale Associates, Inc. FCRA
Oliver v FirstPoint Inc. FCRA
O’Malley vs Boris Consumer
O’Mally vs US Bank Securities/Evergreen Securities
Ormond, Gescato and Heekin et. al. v Anthem Investments, Wellpoint and Anthem Ins. Co. Securities
Osorio v Sprint/United Management Company Labor & Employment
Oubre v Louisiana Citizens Fair Plan Consumer
Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) Health Welfare Plan Class Action Labor & Employment
Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) Warn Class Action Labor & Employment
Owens v Metlife E.R.I.S.A
Padilla v Etro USA Inc. Labor & Employment
Page/Collins et. al. v Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation Government
Parham v Blue Ridge Mazda Consumer
Parker v Sealed Air Corporation Labor & Employment
Paul Miller et. al. v Gladstone Dodge, Inc. Consumer
Pennington v Cable Dahmer Chevrolet Consumer
Pfizer/Warner-Lambert Rezulin Settlement Insurance & Healthcare
Phase 2 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement – Indiana Government
Phase 2 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement – Kentucky Government
Phase 2 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement – Ohio Government
Phase 2 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement – Tennessee Government
Piena v Carma Consumer
Qimonda WARN & Severance Settlement Labor & Employment
Quality Acceptance v Parks Oher
Quow v Accurante Mechanical Inc. Labor & Employment
Ramos v Nikodemo Operating Group Labor & Employment
Randy Reed Dealership Settlement Consumer
Reese v Stern & Eisenberg FDCPA
Reyes v City of Rye Labor & Employment
Richardson v Heller Ford Consumer
Ridenour et al. v Multi-Color Corporation/Sterling Info Systems FCRA
Riley v Money Mutual LLC FCRA
Rivera v Moneystore Auto Finance Consumer/Finance
Riverston Networks Process to Limit Time for Shareholders to Bring Action Securities
Robert Grunburg and Gunn Grunburg v Wellpoint Blue Cross of California Insurance & Healthcare
Robinson v Porania LLC Other
Rodriguez v Genserve, Inc. Labor & Employment
Rodriguez v Hanson Landscape & Design Labor & Employment
Rogers v CitiFinancial Corporation Consumer/Finance
Roland v Convergys Customer Management Group Inc WARn Act
Roose v Lincoln County Employee Group Health Plan Other
Rothal, Setnor, Swanberg and Ham v Arvida/JMB Partners, L.P. Other
Ryals v Strategic Screening Solutions, Inc. FCRA
Safeco v American Insurance Group (AIG) Insurance & Healthcare
Salamatu Janneh et al, v Asset Campus Housing, Inc. et al Labor & Employment
Sanchez v AFA Foods, Inc WARN Act
Scharfman v HealthNet Inc. Distribution Consumer
Schriver v Golden Corral Corporation Labor & Employment
Schwartz v USAA Consumer
Scrap Metal AntiTrust Litigation Consumer
Sellers v Sage Software, Inc. Labor & Employment
Singer v American Express Centurion Bank Truth in Lending
Shallin et al, v Payless Shoesource, Inc Labor & Employment
Sharon K. Nobel v Heartland Chevrolet Consumer
Shubert v First Union Auto Finance Consumer/Finance
Smith v Metlife E.R.I.S.A
Snyder v First Union Mortgage Company Consumer/Finance
Sosa v Termax Corporation Labor & Employment
Spencer v Jordon Consumer
Spund v Associates Financial Services Company Consumer/Finance
Stephen Beverly v Wal-Mart Stores and Choicepoint Inc. Consumer
Stokes/Jenkins v Realpage FCRA
Stonecrafters Inc. v Lumber Liquidators, Inc. et al TCPA
Stromberg v OCWEN Settlement Consumer
SunAmerica Pension Plan Settlement Insurance & Healthcare
Swaney v Regions Bank TCPA
Sykes v National Auto Loan Network Consumer
Targovnik v First Union Auto Finance Consumer/Finance
Taylor v GFK Custom Research LLC FCRA
Techeney v The Moneystore Consumer/Finance
Teliz-Melchor v Jackson Landscaping Labor & Employment
Terry Martin v United Auto Credit Corporation Insurance & Healthcare
Theus v Behrman Brothers Management Corp WARN Act
Thielman v MF Global Holdings WARN Act
Tiffany Smith v Annapolis Junction Rail Solutions (CSX) FCRA
Tobacco Loss Assistance Program – Georgia Government
Tobacco Loss Assistance Program – Indiana Government
Tobacco Loss Assistance Program – Kentucky Government
Tobacco Loss Assistance Program – Ohio Government
Tobacco Loss Assistance Program – Tennessee Government
Travellers Insurance Federal Restitution Settlement Consumer
Trinidad v. Pret a Manger (USA), Limited Labor & Employment
Triplett v Nationstar Mortgage LLC Consumer/Finance
Tschudy v JC Penny Corporation Labor & Employment
Tullie v T & R Market, Inc. Consumer
Uponor, Inc, Plumbing Fittings Products Liability Litigation Consumer
US Bank Oklahoma Fax Class Action Consumer
Valdivieso v Cushman & Wakefield Inc. FCRA
Valencia v Ideal Snacks Corp WARN Act
Vaughn et. al. Home Depot USA Inc. Consumer
Vazquez v Marriott International Inc Other
Velma-Alma Independent School District #15 v Texaco Inc. Consumer
Vioxx Consumer Settlement Consumer
Wachtel v HealthNet Inc. Distribution Consumer
Walker v Discrete Wireless, Inc Labor & Employment
Weatherford Roofing Co. v Employers National Insurance Company Insurance & Healthcare
Weddington v Ingles Markets Inc Labor & Employment
Welch v Astor & Black Custom LLC WARN Act
Wellman Theodore v City of Miami Consumer
Westfall v O’Dell Motors Inc. Consumer
Whittington v Home Depot Labor & Employment
William Griggs v Hartford Financial Services Company Insurance & Healthcare
Williams v George Sutherlin Consumer
Williams v Microfibres, Inc. WARN Act
William v Corelogic Rental Property Solutions LLC Labor & Employment
Wong v First Union National Bank Consumer/Finance
Wood v Associates Leasing Insurance & Healthcare
Worldcom Victim Trust (SEC Enforcement) Government
Worley v Storage USA Corporation Consumer
Wright v KMART Stores of Illinois Labor & Employment
Yahoo Shareholder Class and Derivative Action Settlement Securities
Yazzie v Garley Motor Co Consumer
Zevon et al. v Department Stores National Bank Consumer
Zimmerman v Federal Express Labor & Employment


Class Actions