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Class Action Claim Filing Guidelines

ALCS is dedicated to customer service and exceptional quality and wants to provide as much information as possible to claimants in their effort to submit timely, accurate and complete claim forms. Below are several helpful tips for meeting claim form filing requirements:

Complete and accurate claimant information
Please ensure that you provide your complete legal name. If written please make sure it is very legible. Please also make sure that you provide your complete mailing address, phone number including area code and the email address that you check most frequently. If any of your information changes, please contact us immediately so we can update your records and be able to contact you or provide information or distributions to you.

Social Security Number or Tax ID Number
If your SSN is required for the settlement, we will only ask you for the last 4 digits of your SSN or Tax ID number for verification. If you fail to provide this information, it could in some cases lead to delay or rejection of your claim or withholding of funds from your distribution for tax purposes.

Ensure that all data requested is provided
Please provide all data requested on your claim form including all detailed transactions. Please provide the information in the timeframe specified so that your claim is not rejected or delayed. If you need additional space to provide the information requested, please make copies of the form with the section requiring additional space and continue to provide in that section on each page until completed. Please initial each of the additional pages you submit.

Supporting Documentation
If your claim requires you to provide supporting documentation for your claim, please review the claim form and notice to ensure that you have included the necessary documentation. If you have any questions please contact the call center or the website for your specific case for additional information.

The claim form must be signed by the actual claimant listed on the form or by a legal representative who is authorized to sign on your behalf. Examples of someone authorized to sign for you would be an executor, guardian, administrator, trustee or conservator of the client. If this is your case, please attach documentation to the claim form showing your authorization to sign on the claimants behalf.

Record Keeping
It is good business practice to keep copies of all legal forms that you receive. It is especially important to keep copies of any claim forms and documentation that you sign.

We recommend that you submit your documents via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested in order to ensure that you package arrives intact and on time to the filing center.

Response Time
Please understand that many cases have long filing timeframes. It also takes time to fully process and complete the review of claims filed. Many times additional information will be required of you before your claim is completed. Please be patient. If you are concerned or have questions please call the call center or visit the case's website.

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