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ALCS provides one-stop administrative services for bankruptcy and class action cases. Our sophisticated claims and noticing services focus on the middle market and provide a dedicated service to these often overlooked clients.

ALCS team members share our core beliefs of dedication to client service through quality, cost effective and highly responsive service. Our team desires to please our clients and surpass expectations by providing exceptional quality and responsiveness with overwhelming savings.

Jeffrey L. Pirrung
Claims, Noticing & Disbursement Administration
(904) 517-1442
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American Legal Claim Services, LLC strives to offer the most responsive service in the industry. We focus on the quality and accuracy necessary to effectively manage the claims and noticing administration process. Our team of consultants has decades of combined business experience, excelling in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy administration. Our expertise is in delivering realistic business solutions to the unexpected challenges that can arise during the administration of your case.

American Legal Claim Services, LLC (“ALCS”) was founded by seasoned bankruptcy administration consultants as an answer to the need for a sophisticated claims and noticing services provider that was dedicated to the middle market. Over the past 15 years in the industry we observed many of the most capable claims agents overlooking middle market clients while focusing on mega-sized cases; allowing the smaller clients to become “after thoughts”.

ALCS has experienced great success in a time that can be described by many bankruptcy practitioners as a very slow time for the industry. We attribute this success, first, to being given opportunities to serve clients and, second, to making the most of these opportunities by focusing on each and every client as if they are our only one. The ALCS team desires to please our clients and surpass expectations by providing exceptional quality and responsiveness with unprecedented savings.

We recognize that middle market clients do not have the financial or human resources of larger companies and therefore it is necessary for our team to roll up our sleeves and help with the heavy lifting. This team approach to the debtor’s success in reorganization or liquidation has left us with many extremely satisfied clients who would be very happy to share their experiences of working with ALCS and how we have efficiently and effectively met their needs.

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