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Henderson v Acxiom Information

If you received a check and are wondering why –


A class action lawsuit ("Lawsuit") against Defendants has been filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia under the style of Henderson v. Acxiom Risk Mitigation, Inc. Civil Act ion No. 3:12cv589. The persons who sued on behalf of the class are called the "Plaintiffs," and the companies sued are called the "Defendants " The Lawsuit alleges that certain policies and practices of Defendants in connect ion with employment background reports prepared by AISS or Sterling-OH were in violation of the FCRA. Specifically, the Lawsuit contends that Defendants violated the FCRA by: (1) failing to provide consumers with notice that they were furnishing an employment-purposed  consumer report "at the time" they were doing so; (2) failing to follow proper procedures for resolving consumer disputes; and (3) failing to have a permissible purpose for issuing certain consumer reports to employers and vendors of Allstate Corporation. Defendants have denied all charges and allegations of wrongdoing asserted in the Lawsuit and contend that they acted lawfully and in compliance with the FCRA at all times. The Court has never made a determination that Defendants violated the FCRA.

Although there isn't much room to sign the check, just endorse the check where you normally would – to the left of the mailing address.

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